3 Month ad space for one price!
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For on air commercial space see our other listings.... Was $37 on sale one week only $25 VERY LIMITED SPACES LEFT! Crazy Praise Radio gets thousands of hits per hour from our aggressive marketing campaigns which include Mobile Billboard trucks, facebook advertising, Decals listeners put on their autos, Yard signs, Online marketing, search engine traffic, Post card mailings, Flyers/handbills, word of mouth and more! Crazy Praise Radio (CPR) Has a opening a sponsor! This is ad space on our home page! CPR has been online since 2013 with over a million+ listeners. We have grown thru many changes as well as bigger servers to handle listener demand. However we are COMMERCIAL FREE and count on SPONSORS! OK, So if you have a site that is Christian friendly and want to help Our Ministry then buy this auction. once paid send us your web site url. A logo or graphic ad you already have we will insert it into our Home page. And also on our sponsors page. Please note we will determine how it fits. There is no set size. (suggested size is 500x500 ) Also if you provide a link to us from your home page we will mention your site ON AIR! We will plug your ad to our facebook page of 4000+ fans! You will also get web/print rights to our logo for use in your marketing. "We sponsor commercial free Christian radio" "PROUD SPONSOR of commercial free Christian radio" So BIN and help a great cause and get great exposure! NOTE!!! TERMS: crazypraiseradio com has the final say on what websites they will link to and who can be listed as a sponsor. your site DOES NOT have to be a Christian site but IT DOES have to be Christian friendly. If you have any doubts send us your Url and we will review your site. Your graphic ad and website must be in english. We will not link to any adult sites or dating sites. Gambling sites with pop ups or pop unders, TAGS: website traffic, usa traffic, advertising, radio station, online marketing, marketing, commercial, christian site, christian, websites, links, back link, back links, banner, banner ad, static ad, ad, ad space, world traffic, facebook, community, church, webmasters, SEO, search engine, online radio station, radio stations, cpr, praise102
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